Uit: Original Art Collection Kunstvademecum 2006
Uitgeverij Promotie Advies, Vaassen, 2006
blz 227

Born in 1957 in Paramaribo (Surinam).
When he was just one year old his parents went to Brussels, were he lived till 1978. It was there where he developed his passion for art. Since 1978 he started living in Groningen were he went to art school. But after just a few months he stopped and became an autodidact artist.
His first exhibition was in Brussels, with many to follow in the Netherlands. Since 200l he also lives, works en exposes his art in France.
His work is often compared with the Chinese and Japanese art. This is surely because of the technique he uses: 'simplicity it self's' He claims he is inspired by the mystic of the middle ages. On most of the paintings he works with ink, often in combination with paint and paper. His movements are quick and simple. He tries to tell a story with just a few movements. He's going back to basics with his paintings, to simplicity and emotion. Every painting is like a prayer, a moment of meditation.